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  Ball Float Steam Traps

TRINE Ball Float Steam Traps are simple in operation and outstanding in performance. They have big discharge capacities for their size. They handle high starting loads and low running loads equally well and also take pressure fluctuations. They continuously discharge condensate as it forms.

The availability of TRINE Ball Float Steam Traps in different body materials such as Cast Iron, Cast Steel etc. and in different piping configuration-Horizontal and Vertical - permits flexibility in employing the right Trap to meet with specific needs.

Ball Float Steam Traps
  1.  Choice of Threaded and Flanged Ends in Cast Iron and Cast Steel body materials and Socket  Weldable Ends in      Cast Steel construction.  
2.  Steam Lock Release (SLR) as standard.
  3.  The float and other internals are of Stainless Steel.  
  4.  Cover removable both in Horizontal and Verticle type for in line maintenance.  
  5.  Pressure range upto 14 bar for BF 11 Series and upto 32 bar for BF 20 & BF 21 Series.  
  6.  Size Range - 15, 20, 25, 40 & 50 mm.  
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