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LEADER, a pioneer in Valve industries, offers a wide range of Industrial Valves including G.M. & G.I. Gate, Globe, Check Valves (ISI/Non-ISI), Boiler Mountings viz. Junction Stop Valve, Safety Valve, PRV, NRV, Globe, Blow down, Strainers, Feed Check Valves, Steam Traps, Water Level Gauge, Injector, etc. with IBR T.C. and C.C.S./F.C.S. High Pressure & High Temperature Gate, Globe & Check Valves with IBR T.C.
They are available in size ranging from 6mm to 750mm and pressure rating to ASA Class-150, 300, 600, 800, BS-10 Table F, H, J,DIN STD ND-16, 40 with screwed, socket weld & flanged connections. LEADER is one of the very few Valve manufacturers in the world, manufacturing widest range of Valves, Cocks & Boiler Mountings in different material of constructions with completely indigenous technology developed by LEADER itself through extensive research, strict quality control and continuous development.
From raw castings to finished product, every component is manufactured in LEADER's own factory under its stringent quality control. LEADER has its own fully equipped foundries for G.M., C.I., C.S. & Forging Shop for Forged Steel Valves.
Leader Valves
LEADER has its own pattern developing & designing Departments.
LEADER Valves are approved by world class inspection agencies like Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, Bax Counsel, Gen. Superintendent, E.I.L., N.T.P.C. & T.D.C. used by Govt. of India, Dept. of Atomic Energy (BARC), T.I.F.R., P.P.E.D., B.H.E.L., Ministry of Defence for Warship projects, Country's biggest Ship yard & their Ship building division, Indian Railways, Government owned Refineries & Fertiliser units like HPCL, IOC, OIL, RCF, IFFCO, IPCL & ONGC, first choice by country's leading Air Conditioning expertise in their various projects throughout the country, Private, Public & Govt. owned Heavy Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar, Fertilisers & Petrochemicals, Cement, Pulp & Paper Industries, Edible Oil Refineries, Solvent Extraction Plants, Dairy Projects & Distilleries by the approval of country's prestigious Consulting Engineering firms like Dalal Consultants, Humpherys & Glassgow, Davy Power Gas, Simon Carves, Stewarts & Lloyds, BST Engg. Services, E.I.L., Engineering Projects of India Ltd. & Many others.
Leader Valves
1. Gate Valve  
2. Globe Valve  
3. Check Valve  
4. Ball Valve  
5. Butterfly Valve  
6. Boiler Mounting  
7. Glandless Piston  
      Leader Valves       Leader Valves   
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