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  Polypropylene Valves
TRINE Offers a wide range of most compact, efficient, reliable and corrosion resistant Polypropylene moulded three piece design, full ps0.0.00ort bore Ball Valves with PTFE teflon rings, Non Return Valves & Foot Valves with steel reinforced Nitrile flap, Diaphragm Valves, Y type Valves and Sight Glasses with borosil glass tube to handle various corrosive liquids such as HCL, HF, H2SO4 acids, alkalies, acidic water, alcohols, effluents, solvents, etc.
PP Lift Check Valves & Foot Valves are suitable for vertical mountings and specially designed for operation of pumps with Low Head Capacity and thus ensuring 100% leak-proof operations even at low pressure conditions.

Foot Valves fitted with removable PP Strainer helps in removing sludge and muck which clogs the strainer. This reduces maintenance cost and loss of valuable working hours.
Polypropylene Valves
They are light in weight and fully corrosion proof and hence no need of any painting to prevent outer corrosion as in case of other metal Valves.  They are available in the size range from 1/2" to 4" in screwed or flanged ends asper ASA-150# or BS:10 Table-E /F and suitable upto 90 Deg.C Temp. & 10 Kg./cm.sq. Working Pressure.
Polypropylene Valves
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