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  Osmadial Thermometers
"OSMADIAL" Vapour Pressure & Mercury-in-steel type Dial Thermometers are in great demand due to its accurate & quick response to temperature of fluid.

Vapour Pressure Thermometer, a closed system of bulb, capillary & bourdon tube fitted partially with a vapourisable liquid volume sensitive bourdon tube winds - unwinds depending on temperature variations.

Mercury-in-steel Thermometer operates on the principal of change of shape of bourdon tube on account of internal pressure variation due to volume change of mercury inside caused by temperature.

They are available in rigid stem type (brass/m.s./s.s.) or flexible capillary of Copper covered with PVC, Copper or Stainless Steel in 4" or 6" Dial.

They can also be supplied with anti vibration spring for enabling the movement to withstand vibration suitable for diesel exhaust temperatures.

They are also available in electrical contact type with single contact, double contact, maximum/minimum reading pointer and alarm trip contact.
Osmadial Thermometers
Osmadial Thermometers
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