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  Tubular Glass Gauges/Level Gauge   
TRINE Offers Tubular Glass Gauges to register liquid levels in the vessel under low to medium pressure applications.

They are mounted to the vessel & transparent borosilicate tubular glass of 5/8" or 3/4" OD provides direct visual to optically inspect fluid characteristics.  Protection tube for the tubular glass and process connection can be provided asper individual customer's requirements.

1. Side Or Top Mounted Tubular Level Glass
2. Side or Top Mounted Magnetic Level Gauge
3. Reflex Type Level Gauge
4. Float & Board Type Level Gauge
Tubular Glass Gauge
Material of Construction Pressure Rating Product Standard Size
Cu-Alloy Max BOP 150 psig - 15mm to 20mm
S.S. -- do -- - 15mm to 25mm
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