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  H. guru Gauges & Thermometers
H. GURU make Bourdon Type Pressure Gauges covering ranges between 1 Kg/Cm2 and 2000 Kg/Cm2 consist of `C' Type or Helical Type Bourdon Tubes made of either Non Ferrous, or AISI 316 SS, closed at the upper end and the open end is Soldered or Argon Welded firmly to the Connecting Socket. Pressure and Vacuum cause the Bourdon to Expand or Contract. The motion of the closed end of the Bourdon Tube is transferred to the Pointer Mechanism through Rack and Pinion arrangement. Any Backlash Error is being completely eliminated by providing suitable Hair Spring. The Gauge with the Bourdon Tube is suitable under normal operating Conditions for Measuring Air, Gases, Vapour and Liquid Pressure. There is a Gauge for every application.
H. Guru
PRESS-STEEL GAUGE (11/2" to 6" Dial)
Sheet-metal casing-Brass internals
Accuracy + 2% Range : 1 to 700 kg/cm2, Vacuum & Compund
DUST & DAMP PROOF GAUGE (4" & 6" Dial)
Aluminium die-cast case, ABS inner screwed Bazel, Brass internals
Accuracy : + 1% Range : 1 to 70 kg/cm2, Vacuum & Compound
Ieal for general Industrial application in Air, Oil, Gases, Non-Corrosive Liquid & Steam lines.
Aluminium die-cast weatherproof, heavy / S.S. case, ABS inner screwed Bazel, Brass / S.S. Internals with micrometer `O' adjustable pointer, blow off disc & toughened glass.
Accuracy : + 1% or 0.5%
Range :
-1 to 1400 kg/cm2, Vacuum & Compound
Suitable for process, Power, Chemicals, Fertiliser Industries & Outdoor Installations
GLYCERINE FILLED PRESSURE GAUGE (68 mm, 100mm, 150 mm & 250 mm Dial)
Aluminium die-cast / S.S. cassing, Brass / S.S. Internals.
Accuracy : +1% or 0.5%
Range : -1 to 1400 kg/cm2 Vacuum & Compound
Useful when gauges are subjected to high pulsating pressure & vibration. Glycerine protects the internal components from corrosion & is self lubricating.
Ideal for Petrochemical & Refinery services, Hydraulic Presses & Pumps.
SCHAFFER DIAPHRAGM GAUGE (100mm & 150 mm Dial)
Aluminium die-cast casing, Brass / S.S. internals, screwed / flanged connection.
Accuracy : +1.5% Range
Range : -1 to 21 kg/cm2, Vacuum & Compound
Measuring element diaphragm is directly linked to movement. Diaphragm of spring steel can be protected by teflon. Suitable for use with corrosive liquid & gases & are insensitive to pulsating pressure.
SEALED DIAPHRAGM GAUGE (68 mm, 100 mm & 150 mm Dial)
Aluminium die-cast / S.S. Casing, Brass / S.S. internals, S.S. / P.T.F.E. coated contact parts, Screwed/Flanged connection.
Accuracy : + 1 %
Range : -1 to 600 kg/cm2, Vacuum & Compound
Useful when liquid is highly corrosive, viscous, contaminated or liable to crystalise inside the measuring system. The gauge above the diaphragm is filled with suitable oil which transmits the pressure acting on the diaphragm to the bourdon tube.
LOW PRESSURE DIAPHRAGM GAUGE (65 MM, 100 mm & 150 mm Dial)
Aluminium die-cast casing, Brass / S.S. internals. S.S. / P.T.F.E. coated contact parts. Screwed / Flanged connection.
Accuracy : + 1%
Range : 100 MMWC, Vacuum : to 10000 MMWC
Useful for measuring very low pressure range caliberatel in MMWC. or in W.C. or in M bar. Due to large size of capsule, these gauges have higher sensitivity.
VAPOUR PRESSURE thermometer - a closed system of bulb, capillary & bourdon tube fitted partially with a vapourisable liquid volume sensitive bourdon tube winds-unwinds depending on temperature variations.

MERCURY - IN - STEEL/GAS Filled thermometer works on the principle of expansion of mercury due to rise in temperature. The whole system is filled with mercury under pressure. The definite volume of mercury contained in the bulb expands under effect of temperature to be measured. The increaase in volume of confined mercury is transmitted through the capillary to the coiled burdon tube which uncoils proportionally to volume increase resulting an indication of temperature by the pointer.

They are available in 4" & 6" dial & in any range from - 20o C to 600o C in rigid stem type or capillary type having accuracy + 1.5% (for V.P.) & + 1% (for mercury-in-steel) of the range span.

Stem Type thermometers can also be supplied with anti vibration spring to withstand vibration suitable for diesel exhaust temperatures.

Thermometers are also available with electric contacts i.e. single / double contact to break or make on rising temperature, minimum / maximum reading pointer and alarm trip contact.

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