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Trine Butterfly Valves with unique single piece body design concepts, operative vitually to all fluids under all operating conditions are absolute substitute to the different type of valves. They are easy to operate because of light weight and compact design & also ensure zero leakage.
Replaceable rubber seat with Internal groove in the body corresponding to rubber seat the dovetail flanges of the seat secures the rubber seat firmly to the body during the movement of the disc which ensures the extended life of rubber seat
Butterfly Valves Butterfly Valves   Butterfly Valves
Two self lubricated Phosphor Bronze bearing fitted at the top & bottom of the body with s.s.ground shaft therein ensures permanent lubrication preventing valve jamming & low operating torque. Disc connected to the shaft through the conical pin prevents any back lash in the disc & driving shaft. Polyacetal Bush giving additional support with two in built "O" rings fitted at the top & bottom of body acts as secondary sealing & bearing. Notch disc at the top is provided with the hand lever for flow regulation.
Material of Construction Pressure Rating Product Standard Size
C.I. PN 10/PN16 BS 5155 40mm to 300mm
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