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  Swing Check Valves
1. Forged Steel Check Valves :Class: 800 / 150 / 300
2. Cast Steel Check Valves :Class: 150
3. Cast Steel Check Valves :Class: 300 / 600

TRINE Swing Check Valves are made in C.I., C.C.S., C.S.S., F.C.S. & F.S.S. Constructions with AISI 410 trim which are suitable for steam, oil, oil-vapour and general services. The seating contact area is wide and flat and since the disc ad swivels freely there is no tendency to gail or score. Swing Check Valves are mainly used to prevent the reversal of flow in horizontal or vertical pipe lines.  They are conforming to ASA-150, 300, 600, BS-10 Table E, IS:5312 in size ranging from 50mm to 300mm. TRINE also offers horizontal lift check type Non Return Valves from size 40mm to 200mm in C.I.,C.C.S.,C.S.S.,F.C.S. & F.S.S. constructions conforming to DIN Std. ND16, 40, ASA-150, 300, 600 & BS-10 Table F :

Swing Check Valves
Material of Construction Pressure Rating Product Standard Size
C.I. PN 16/Class 125/PN1.0 BS 5153/IS 5312 40mm to 300mm
C.C.S. Class 150/300/600/PN40 BS 1868, BS 5160 15mm to 300mm
C.S.S. Class 150/300 ASME B 16.34:96 15mm to 250mm
F.C.S. Class 600/800 BS 5352/API 602 15mm to 50mm
F.S.S. Class 600/800 ANSIB 16.34:96 15mm to 50mm
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