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"Trine" has introduced Tube fittings Flared & Flareless Bite Type, for various applications. Flared Tube fittings both 37Deg.C & 45Deg.C. are widely used in refrigeration, air-conditioning and fitted on Copper Tubes.
"Trine" Tube Fittings
  Moc   CI / CS / SS  
  Size   1/16" to 2"  
  Rating   PN 10 / PN 16  
  "Trine" Flareless Bite Type fittings are manufactured as per Swagelok Type, ParkarType, Ermeto Type & Olive Type.    
Double Ferrule Compression Type (Swagelok Type) generally manufactured in S.S. Construction is available in the size range from 1/16" to 2"OD or 1.6MM to 50MM OD.
Single Ferrule Compression Type (Parker Type) generally manufactured in S.S. Construction is available in the size range from 1/16" to 2"OD or 1.6MM to 50MM OD
Single Ferrule Bite Type (Ermeto Type) generally manufactured in the C.S. Construction is available in the size range from ¼" to 2"OD or 6MM to 50MM OD. Ermeto Type fittings are widely used in High Pressure & Hydraulic applications.
Single Ferrule Compression Type (Olive Type) generally manufactured in Brass Construction is available in the size range from 1/8" to 2"OD or 3MM to 50MM OD.
Aluminium fittings suitable for PU / PVC Tubes and Instant fittings ( Collet type) suitable for soft tubes are also available.
"Trine" also offers Quick Release Coupling with Single Check Valve, Double Check Valve or Straight Through Type in S.S. (304/316) , C.S. & Brass Construction which are widely used in Oil, Refinery, Petrochemicals.

"Trine" also offers Camlok Couplings in S.S. / Brass Construction widely used in fire fighting & low pressure lines. Besides this, "Trine" offers Hydraulic Hoses, PTFE Hoses & S.S. flexible Hoses for various Industrial Applications.

Design Principle : Flareless Bite type pipe fittings embody a unique three piece design comprising a body, special ferrule and nut. Unlike ordinary compression joints, when the nut is screwed on to the body, the ferrule grips the pipe in position and perceptibly "bites" into the pipe surface to provide a positive seal. When fully tightened the ferrule is bowed slightly in the middle and acts as a spring. This spring action of the ferrule maintains a continuos tension between the body and nut and prevents the nut from loosening under vibration and strain.
"Trine" Tube Fittings
The fitting can be dismanteled and reassembled as often as necessary for maintenance purpose, without weakening the joint or reducing the effectiveness of the seal in any way. The benefit is an unmatched degree of safety and reliability in oil, hydraulics, pneumatics, instrumentation system, high pressure fluid system and various other applications.
Finger Tight : When the nut is tightened by hand the ferrule slides freely along the pipe and is guided by the taper. The locking section of the ferrule wedges itself between the body and the pipe surface. The pipe is now held in position abutting the body.
Final Tightening : The ferrule now "bites" perceptibly into the pipe surface to give a firm, leakproof joint. A visiable collar is formed in front of the ferrule which prevents if from coming off on dismantling.

Standards : Fittings for Metric OD pipe sizes - DIN 2353 & B.S.4368. Fittings for Inch OD pipe sizes American Standard SAE:J514.

Materials of fittings and Surface Protection : Steel fittings are made from IS 226 Medium carbon steel , straight bodies are made from extruded rods and shaped bodies are made from bar stocks.

Fitting bodies and nuts are supplied with phosphatized finish. Ferrule is either Cadmium plated or Zinc plated.

Brass fittings are made from free cutting brass for straight bodies and nut and forging brass for shaped bodies. These are supplied with passivated finish. Stainless Steel fittings Are made from AISI:304 and AISI:316.
Pipe Specification : Flareless Bite type fittings are designed for use with following pipes having seamless construction , precision tolerances on their O.D. & fully annealed condition with hardness not exceeding RB 70. - Metric size O.D. pipes to DIN 2391/C or equivalent standards. - Inch size O.D. pipes to B.S. 3601/3602/3605 or equivalent standards - Inch size Nominal Bore pipes to BS 1387-1957 or equivalent standards. In certain medium and low pressure applications ,cold drawn ERW pipes are also suitable.
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