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  Globe Valves
1. Forged Steel Globe Valves : Class: 800 / 150 / 300
2. Cast Steel Globe Valves : Class: 150
3. Cast Steel Globe Valves : Class: 300 / 600

TRINE Globe Valves offer dependable service in modern Industrial, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Textile, Power plants & Refineries. They are of solid disc type in C.I., C.C.S., C.S.S., F.C.S. & F.S.S. Constructions in the size range from 15mm to 300mm conforming to ASA-150, 300, 600, BS-10 Table F, DIN STD ND16 & 40.  Properly lapped and back seat facilitates replacement of gland packing under pressure. Extra deep stuffing box ensures fluid tightness and long packing life. TRINE also offers C.C.S. Globe Valve with special packing suitable for thermicfluid & hot oil applications. 

Globe Valves
Material of Construction Pressure Rating Product Standard Size
C.I. PN16/CLASS 125 BS 5152- 15mm to 200mm
C.C.S. CLASS 150/300/
600/PN 40
BS 1873, BS 5160 15mm to 300mm
C.S.S. CLASS 150/300 ASME B 16.34:96 15mm to 250mm
F.C.S. CLASS 600/800 BS 5352/API 602 15mm to 50mm
F.S.S. CLASS 600/800 ANSI B 16.34:96 15mm to 50mm
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