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  "Trine" Manual Plate Pulp Valve Knife Gate Type
Industrial Application : "Trine" Pulp Valves are used in Sugar Industry for handling Molases, Pulp and Fibrous materials in Paper Industry and also in Chemical Industry.

Valve Body : Trine" Pulp Valves are carefully designed to offer unrestricted smooth flow of viscous fluids. Two piece construction bolted together vertically recesses free, straight passage orifice offers minimum body contacts to fluid , avoids accumulation of viscous fluid in the orifice and ensures unaltered velocity.

Gate : Completely secured in the spindle specially tapered knife type edge at the bottom of the gate cuts through the viscous or fibrous fluids, prevents lump formation in the seat recesses and secures tight closures.
"Trine" Manual Plate Pulp Valve Knife Gate Type
Spindle : Outside screw rising type acme threads help effortless operation.

Easy Servicing : Servicing of the "Trine" Pulp valve without disturbing the line is made possible by the hinged scom plate at the bottom.

Packing : Packing is provided to guide the gate, for smooth operation.

Hand Wheel : Well designed hand wheel offers firm grip to secure tight closure.
"Trine" Manual Plate Pulp Valve Knife Gate Type
Test & Working Pressures :
  Size Body T.P. Working Pressure   Working Temp.
Upto 100 mm 10 kg/cm2 6 kg/cm2 120 Deg.C.
125 to 200 mm 6 kg/cm2 4 kg/cm2 120 Deg.C.
250 to 300 mm 4 kg/cm2 2 kg/cm2 120 Deg.C.
Part List :-
No. Part Name Material
1. Body CI (IS 210 Gr.FG 220)
2. Yoke Plate or Gate SS 304 (AISI 304)
3. Spindle SS 410 (AISI 410)
4. Key Nut Gun Metal (85/5/5/5)
5. Wheel CI (IS 210 Gr. FG 220)
6. Gland CI (IS 210 Gr. FG 220)
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