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  High Tensil & S.S. Fastners

High Tensile Bolt Nut as per BS 1083 / 916, IS 1367 Gr. 4.6, 6.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 and ASTM A193 GR.B7, B8, B8M, B8T and A194 Grade 2H, Grade 4 and A320 L-7 with Laboratory Test Certificate.
U Bolts, J Hook, L Hooks, Pipe Hooks etc.

High Tensil & S.S. Fastners

Stud with Zinc Plating in 6 MM to 50 MM dia and 1/4" to 2" Dia in length of 1 metre and 2 metres.

Allan Cap, Gurbh Screw, Nylock Hub, Anchor Fasteners and Foundation Bolts and all other items of Fasteners and Foundation Bolts and all other items of Fasteners.

Stainless Bolt Nut and Washer in 304 & 316 Quality (ASTNA 193 GR.B8/B8M).

Special tailor-made items as per drawings and samples.
Lengths Mfg. Std. Dimentions Threads Size
M6 to10mm to Bolts 150mm IS.1367 IS.1363 /IS. 1364 Metric M6 to 24mm (cold Forged)
M12 Bolts - 25mm to 400 mm Class8.8 for Bolt     M27 to 39mm (hot Forged)
M16 to 39mm - 1000 mm Class 8 For Nut     Upto 100mm lgthCold forged Above 100mm lgth Hot forged
  Mfg. Std Size Threads
Spring Washer IS. 3063 6 MM to 39 MM  
Plain Washer S. 2016 6 MM to 39 MM  
Screws - CSK Head   6 MM to 20 MM Metric
Screws - Rounded Head   6 MM to 12 MM Metric
Screws - Cheese Head   6 MM to 12 MM Metric
Studs IS.1862 6 MM to 39 MM Metric
Rivets   6 MM to 60 MM -
Anchor Fasteners   6 MM to 24 MM
leth 50 to 300 MM
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