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  "Trine" Bellow Sealed Valves
Trine has recently introduced Bellow Sealed Valves in F.C.S., C.C.S., F.S.S., C.S.S. & Alloy Steel construction for all critical applications in Process Industries, Solvent Extraction, Deodorizing plants, Ammonia, Hydrogen & Natural Gas etc.
Bellow Seal Valves are most suited for Downtherm, Benzene, Oleum , Hot Oil, Sulphuric Acid, Vacuum , Heavy Water, Fatty Acid, H2 , O2 , N2 and other hazardous Gases & liquids. They are available in the size range from 6MM to 150MM & suitable for maximum pressure up to 80 Bar & 450 Deg. C. Temperature.
"Trine" Bellow Sealed Valves
Bellow is welded with valve spindle / plug at the lower side and stainless steel collar at the upper side. The Stainless Steel Collar is held in between the body and bonnet male, female joints with the fasteners. Hence all leakage ports through body, bonnet joints or glands are sealed to have absolute "Zero Leakage." Bellow is in normal position when the Valve is in a closed position and compressed when the Valve is in an open position. The medium flowing through the Valve is contained between the Bellow and Pressure Envelope.

Interior & Exterior is completely isolated from each other by the bellows & the valve is sealed preventing danger such as leaks of poisonous gas, explosions, radiation & preventing pollution such as bad odors.
"Trine" Bellow Sealed Valves
Trine Bellow Sealed Valves actually save energy and operating costs. The Trine Bellow Sealed Valves are maintenance free as there is no necessity of tightening and replacement of the gland packing. They are indispensable in vacuum equipment because high degrees of vacuum can be obtained unlike other conventional valves.
These valves find application in all core sector industries and are manufactured as per national and international standards.
  Sr. No.   Description   Material Specification
  1.   Body   A 105/A216 Gr.WCB / Alloy Steel
  2.   Plug / Wedge   SS 410 / SS 304 / SS 316
  3.   Bellow   AISI-321/AISI-316/AISI-316L/Monel/Hast Alloy
  4.   Gasket   SS 304 - CAF Spiral
  5.   Bellow Collar   AISI-316
  6.   Bonnet   A 105/A 216 GR. WCB/Alloy Steel
  7.   Bonnet Bolt Stud   ASTM-A 193 GR.B7
  8.   Packing   Asbestos / PTFE
  9.   Gland   AISI-410/304/316
  10.   Yoke Sleeve   SG Iron/NI Resist
  11.   Spindle   AISI-410/304/316
Primary Service Ratings & Temperature Hydrostatic Test Pressure
   Pressure Temp.   Body Seat Air Pressure
 Class 600 600 PSIG 850 Deg.F.   Class 800 3000 PSIG 2000 PSIG 800 PSIG
Class 800 800 PSIG  850 Deg.F.         
Hydrostatic Test :
C. Steel A.S.A. Std.
  Rating 150 300
Seat PSIG 300 750  
Shell PSIG 425 1100
Specifications :
"Trine" Forged Steel Valves are manufactured to following specifications
1.   A.P.I. 602
2.   BS 5352
3.   As per customer's requirements.

1.  Screwed to ANSI B2.1 or BS 21/IS 554
2.  Socket Weld ends SCH.80 ANSI B16. 11/IS 4712
3.  Butt-Weld to ANSI B 16.25
4.  Flanged according to ANSI-B 16.5/BS 1560.

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