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  "Trine" Fabricated Special Purpose Valves
  Fabricated Right Angle Globe Valves - Size Range 50-600  

"TRINE" Right Angle Globe Valve - M.S. Fabricated with 13% Cr.SS-AISI 410 Spindle, SS Lined Disc & Seat of Teflon(PTEE) are suitable for use on Juice Heater Lines, Exhaust Steambleeding Lines, Vapour Lines. They are 100% Leak Proof & suitable for working Pressures of 1.5 kg/cm2 & Temp. upto 220 Deg.C., Handwheel operated, provided with Trust Bearing. Flanges normally drilled to IS-1538 / BS-10 Table `D'.

Fabricated Right Angle Globe Valves
Fabricated Dead Weight Safety Valves - Size Range 80-600mm

''TRINE'' Safety Valve - M.S. Fabricated Dead Weight Lever Type, Full Lift Type with 13% Cr. Stainless Steel AISI-410 Spindle & S.S. Lined Disc with Teflon Seat (PTFE) are used in Exhaust Steam & Vapour Bleeding Lines. They are suitable for Blow Off Range 0.5 to 1.5 kg/cm2 Pressures & Temp. upto 220 Deg.C. Flanged ends, Drilled to BS-10 Table 'D' / IS-1538.

Fabricated Dead Weight Safety Valves
  Molasses Separator - Size 200NB  
''TRINE'' Molasses Separator, Dia 8" (200 NB) Double Butterfly Type, Operated through a common single Shaft with a Pneumatic Cylinder, having oneside open & the other side closed, 100% leakproof tested to 10 kg/cm2 is largely used in Sugar Mills.
  Main Frame  :  M.S.Frabricated  
  Body             :  C.I. (I.S. 210 GR. 20)  
  Disc              :  Cast Steel  
  Shaft            :  13% Cromesteel AISI-410  
Valves are embedded in the main frame housing with a partition to avoid mix up. The equipment can be directly mounted in the molasses Gutter & is most suitable for separation of Heavy & light molasses. It avoids Double curing process & greatly improves purity levels. This equipment operates at various sugar mills most satisfactorily.
Syrup Separator (with Double Acting Actuator Pneumatically operated for light and heavy syrup separation)....Size - 150NB
Double Beat Valve (Fabricated) (For Juice Heater lines in Sugar Industry) .... Size - 100-250mm 
Fabricate Butterfly Valves
"TRINE" M.S. Fabricated Wafer Design / Flanged Butterfly Valves having internal S.S. lining & PTFE seat, with 13%  Cr. AISI-410 Spindle & S.S. Bolts, Worm Gear Actuation for operation, offset Disc, Valve Face to Face dimensions as per BS-5155, are suitable for pressures upto 1.5 Kg/cm2 & temperatures upto 220 Deg.C
They are suitable for mounting between BS-10 Table `D' / IS-1538 Flanges. 
They are largely used in Sugar industries for Steam & vapour bleeding lines, juice heater lines, Fertiliser, Petro chemicals, Chemical process & allied industries. We can also offer them in other materials of construction depending on medium of flow & pressure / Temperature rating.
Pulp Stock Valves
"TRINE" rising spindle Gate type Pulp Stock Valves - Wafer Design are suitable for mounting between BS-10 Table `D' flanges.

Material of Construction :
  Body : C.I. (I.S. 210 GR. 20)
  Gate : S.S. (AISI-304)
  Spindle : EN-8
  Yoke : M.S. Fabricated
  Yoke Sleeve : Special Graded Iron.
  Handwheel : C.I. (I.S. 210 Gr.20)

Pulp Stock Valves
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