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  "Trine" Teflon Lining Valves, Pipes & Pipe Fittings
"Trine" has introduced Teflon / FEP-PFA Lined Valves, Pipes & Pipe Fittings for the control & transportation of highly corrosive media at max. 260 Deg. C. Temperature. Corrosion is the biggest problem faced by Chemical, Petrochemical , Pharmaceutical & Food Processing Industries. Advanced Fluoro Polymers like PFA, FEP etc. are developed to protect the media from corrosion.
MOC of Valve body is CI (IS 210-Gr.220) with C.I., S.S., M.S. Working Parts incorporating Aluminium Ball. All wetted parts are Teflon Lined having 3 MM thickness duly pressure & spark tested backed by Guarantee Certificate.
  "Trine" Teflon Lining Valves, Pipes & Pipe Fittings    
Teflon / FEP lined Valves are suitable for 200 Deg.C. Max. Temp., whereas Teflon / PFA lined Valves are suitable for 260 Deg. C.Max. Temp. The Valves are Flanged Ends as per ASA Class 150 with BTP 20 kg/cm2 Hyd. & STP 10 kg/cm2 Hyd.
The Valves are Spark tested to 15 KVDC and available in the size range from 25MM to 300MM.
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